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The separation of dentistry from medicine and its lingering consequences

Medicine and dentistry have long been separate affairs. This arrangement persists in spite of the fact that teeth are – indisputably – a part of the body. While organized dental hygiene has worked for years to bring the oral-systemic connection to light, this split in the two great elements of patient care remains deep enough to rival that cracked molar you saw last month. Considering what we know about the intimate connection between oral health and whole body health, one has to wonder: L"Was it always this way? And what is this doing to patients?"
Introducing the new Hu-Friedy Blog
Hu-Friedy’s CEO gives the surprising reasons why you shouldn’t read the new blog

Hu-Friedy CEO Ron Saslow explains, “If you are not interested in reading information that will help you perform at your best, or developing a better understanding of the trends that impact dentistry, or in asking questions about issues that you face every day in your practice, then you absolutely should not read the Hu-Friedy blog. For everyone else, you are in the right place.”
Extend the life of your Ultrasonic Inserts
Helpful tips for optimal ultrasonic insert life from Hu-Friedy

Your practice has invested in providing power scaling for the best possible patient care. And while ultrasonic inserts work hard to remove heavy calculus and stain, they can also be somewhat delicate – needing care and attention to regularly perform optimally. Following these usage tips can help you to protect and extend the life of your ultrasonic inserts.
New e-book series: The Essential Guide to Infection Control
Are you an infection prevention champion? Get started with Part I of our new e-book series!

Hu-Friedy’s team of experts has created “The Essential Guide to Infection Control” e-book, a valuable and easy to follow resource for both the infection control newbie and veteran alike.
Facing death while sitting down
The insidious danger facing every dental practitioner

You needn’t look too far to find an article discussing the dangers of sitting or the benefits of working while standing up; in particular, writers like to say that “sitting is the new smoking”. So what’s a dental practitioner – whose day on the job is mostly spent sitting – to do? Do you just take these health risks sitting down? Or do you take a stand?
Lighting your patient’s motivational fire!
Part I: The mysterious concept of motivation

Have you ever experienced the frustration of explaining a diagnosis to a patient and outlining the treatment plan, only to have them delay, put-off, or reject treatment? How can you motivate them to accept the treatment you know they need?
Why and how to know your instruments are clean
Using cleaning monitors to verify your instrument washing loads

Let's face it, cleaning and sterilizing instruments for re-use might just be one of the most tedious and unexciting parts of your day. But the bottom line is that it is also a crucial part of your day. Ensuring that instruments are free of potentially infectious materials is critical to the quality care that dental health professionals pledge to provide.
Hu-Friedy will be at ADHA CLL 2017!
Be sure to join us and visit us in sunny Jacksonville, Fla.

Hu-Friedy is preparing for an informative and fun few days at the 2017 ADHA CLL Session in Jacksonville, Fla. June 15-17, 2017. We are excited to participate in the annual session and promote the hygiene values of lifelong learning, support, and community.
Hu-Friedy and ADHA honor the dental hygiene graduates of 2017
Hu-Friedy and the ADHA continue their annual tradition of honoring dental hygiene graduates starting their careers with a commemorative graduate scaler.
Ways to be a greener office
Ideas to consider in honor of Earth Day

In the last twenty years, there have been many advances in the dental industry that can save the practice money, make your job easier, and do the earth a favor; it’s a rare set of triple advantages. While many dental offices are engaged in some of these practices, few are engaged in all of them, especially since new ways to be green pop up every day. In honor of Earth Day, we present some of the most impactful ways to green your office.
April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month
An update from the Oral Cancer Foundation

The Oral Cancer Foundation is the leading source for awareness, education, and fundraising for this insidious disease. Read about Oral Cancer Awareness Month and about the Foundation’s latest updates here.
Resources for Oral Cancer Awareness Month
In recognition of Oral Cancer Awareness Month, we’re presenting some resources for more information on the disease and its detection, Q&A on oral cancer examinations, and information on the Oral Cancer Foundation.
Do you know how to classify a periodontal biotype?
Using the Colorvue® biotype probe

Doctor Raspirini, a leading periodontologist and developer of the Colorvue® Biotype Probe, took the time to explain these novel instruments and how they can be used, as well as the importance of proper biotyping.
Dental water line infection control:
A work in progress

The first report describing high concentrations of bacteria in dental handpiece water lines was published in the British Medical Journal by Blake in 1963.1 Subsequent studies have built on this pioneer investigation by (a) looking at mechanisms of microbial biofilm formation, (b) demonstrating that the long, narrow plastic lines used to deliver water and air during patient treatment provide both optimal growth environments for microbial colonization and a potential health hazard by releasing contaminated water into patients’ mouths and the air, (c) identifying multiple classes of microorganisms in dental water samples, (d) developing effective approaches to treat dental unit water lines (DUWL) and reduce bacterial colonization, and (e) developing analytical systems to monitor water quality.
This article first appeared in Dental Economics magazine, copyright 2017. Full text reprinted with permission of PennWell Corporation.
Billing code D4346
A game changer

Creating new insurance codes to embrace new technologies, materials, and procedures can lead to earlier arrest and prevention of oral disease, and positively influence systemic health. The most notable changes are a perfect example of how Codes on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature (CDT) evolve to fill procedure gaps.
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