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Check here often to get the latest news, both what your patients are hearing from the media and what's new in the dental community.

Did You Know? It's Dental Infection Control Awareness Month *
Ultrasonic Insights | 25K and 30K Ultrasonic Inserts *
This month’s Ultrasonic Insights looks at the notable differences between 25 kHz and 30 kHz ultrasonic inserts, learn how to differentiate between the two and see how the difference affects your clinical practice.
Your Sharpening Questions, Answered! | Sharpening Device Edition
We asked you your toughest sharpening questions, and now we have some of the answers. In this third edition, sharpening expert, Tami Wanless, RDH, MEd answers your questions related to sharpening devices & how to properly use Hu-Friedy’s Sidekick to maintain your instruments blade.
Do you love Hu-Friedy Diagnostic Instruments? | Tell Us Why for Hu-Points and Prizes *
Do you use Hu-Friedy Diagnostic instruments? Tell us why you love them and how they help you perform at your best. All entries will receive 20 Hu-Points. Selected winners will receive a Hu-Friedy XPRO! Winners will also be featured on Friends of Hu-Friedy, and other Hu-Friedy social media sites.
Hu-Friedy Disposable Prophy Angle | Video *
Check out this new video on Hu-Friedy's Disposable Prophy Angles!
Oral Cancer Foundation Events | Get Involved!
OCF events are family-friendly FUN-draising gatherings for the entire community! When you participate in an OCF Walk/Run event, your efforts fuel our mission-related initiatives; patient support, public and professional education and research.
2015 Hu-Friedy | RDH UOR Highlights
Thank you to those who joined us at the RDH Under One Roof annual meeting in Las Vegas -- we hope you returned home inspired and ready to perform at your best! At the meeting, Hu-Friedy released the results of an independent scientific study evaluating the sharpness and edge retention of two scaler brands.
Hu-Friedy E-Book | Implant Fundamentals Part 3: Implant Maintenance and Replacement *
PART 3: Implant Maintenance & Replacement Understand how to appropriately care for an implant after it has been placed. Review different types of instrumentation that may be required for maintaining healthy implants. Learn the signs and symptoms of an ailing implant and an implant that needs to be replaced.
July 28th is World Hepititis Day | Prevent hepatitis. Act now. *
Today is World Hepatitis Day - WHO and partners will urge policy-makers, health workers and the public to act now to prevent infection and death from hepatitis.
The Uncoated Truth | The Science of Sharp *
When it comes to scaling, “sharp” matters…to practices, clinicians, and patients. And since it matters to them, it matters to us. Why? Because we’ve built our 100-years-strong legacy on providing the highest quality product, service and community experience in the industry to help dental professionals perform at their best so they can deliver the best clinical outcomes to their patients
2015 Hu-Friedy/Esther Wilkins Instrument Scholarship Winner
Meet Veronica Harris a current student at Ohio State University going into her final year before graduating with a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene. Veronica is the winner of the 2015 Hu-Friedy/Esther Wilkins Instrument Scholarship.
Your Sharpening Questions, Answered! | "Stay Sharp" Edition
We asked you to share your toughest sharpening questions, and now we have some of the answers. In this second edition, we answered your questions related to retipping, sharpening services and why sharp really does matter!
Look. Feel. ASK! | HPV & Oral Cancer Screening
HPV 16 origin oral and oropharyngeal cancers are on the rise. They are harder to discover that the historic tobacco related cancers because they do not produce precancerous lesions or other signs and symptoms that are normally noticeable.
September Continuing Education at Hu-Friedy
Join us at Hu-Friedy for either a course on Instrument Sharpening or Ultrasonic Instrumentation — or both! Courses will be taught by Sherry Burns, internationally recognized expert on instrument design, clinical technique and instrument sharpening. You will not only leave this course with continuing education credits but the clinical skills to help you perform at your best!
Your Sharpening Questions, Answered! | Sharpening Stone Edition
We asked you your toughest sharpening questions, and now we have some of the answers. In this first edition, we spoke with sharpening expert, Tami Wanless, RDH, MEd and got the answers to your questions about sharpening stones.
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