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Check here often to get the latest news, both what your patients are hearing from the media and what's new in the dental community.

MedWorks Event Provides Access to Dental Care- Hu-Friedy Volunteers & Provides Donations
Hu-Friedy Regional Account Manager, Shannon Mathers, volunteered alongside Dr. Roger Hess at a MedWorks event in Northeast Ohio. MedWorks provides access to care for patients in need of extractions and oral examinations. Volunteers treated 130 dental patients on October 25, 2014 and performed 125 extractions for those in acute distress.
Come Visit the Hu-Friedy Sharpening Corner at the 2015 Yankee Dental Congess
Have you ever turned your curette into a sickle scaler? Do you have a specific instrument that you find difficult to sharpen? Come visit us at the Hu-Friedy Booth for our first ever- Sharpening Corner!
AAPD's Monster-Free Mouths Movement
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry's (AAPD) State of Little Teeth Report underscores the significant threat that tooth decay has to the health, welfare and future of children in the U.S. To address this nation-wide threat to children's health, the AAPD is launching the Monster-Free Mouths Movement, an educational campaign to arm parents and caregivers with important tools and information to help fight tooth decay!
Keep 2015 Stress Free! Through Conflict Resolution and Mediation
How would you feel if you were able to go to work tomorrow and find peace? Can you accomplish more, feel better, engage with your family, and create healthy balance in your life? Ann-Marie C. DePalma RDH, MED, FADIA, FAADH advises on how to Resolve Conflict in Dental Offices in her RDH Magazine article.
Hu-Friedy Launches New Atraumair Forceps *
Hu-Friedy is excited to announce the launch of the NEW Atraumair Forceps! The new line of Atraumair Forceps are designed for optimal access and enhanced crown and root engagement. Each forceps is meticulously crafted to the highest quality standard, ensuring superior performance and longevity. Atraumair Forceps are available in 13 unique patterns that provide a complete line for a variety of extraction cases.
Hu-Friedy Launches New Black Line Scissors *
The Hu-Friedy Black Scissors portfolio is a new addition to the Hu-Friedy Black Line Collection. Featuring a performance engineered coating for enriched contrast and visual acuity at the surgical site, reduced light reflection and a Super-Cut design, this new portfolio is engineered with you in mind; for you to perform at your best.
The Biggest Wound: Oral Health in Long-Term Care Residents *
This article from the American Geriatrics Society focuses on oral health for residents in long-term care facilities.
Happy New Year from your Friends at Hu-Friedy!- Resolutions to Fill 2015 with the Best Clinical Practices
Have you made your 2015 resolutions yet? Now is a great time to reflect and to identify some ways to be your best self at work. Nancy Miller, RDH, BA compiles five New Year’s Resolution Ideas as starting point to strengthen your clinical practice throughout the coming year.
Start the New Year Right- Check the Condition of your Ultrasonic Inserts
Checking the condition of your Ultrasonic Inserts is a great step to start 2015 off right. Learn how worn inserts can significantly diminish your scaling efficiency and affect scaling and how to measure inserts for wear.
Get Involved in National Children’s Dental Health Month- The Esther Wilkins Education Program
Have you always wanted to get involved in oral health education, but don’t know how to get started? The America’s ToothFairy developed the Esther Wilkins Education Program to provide you the tools and resources to break the devastating cycle of pediatric dental disease and save smiles in your community.
Hu-Friedy Hosts Air Polishing CE Course at Des Plaines Facility-Proceeds Benefit ADHA Institute for Oral Health
In December, Nancy Miller, RDH, MS, presented “Conquering Subgingival Biofilm with Ease” focusing on periodontal therapy and subgingival biofilm removal using air polishing devices and ultrasonic instrumentation. All proceeds from the course went to the ADHA Institute for Oral Health.
Season’s Greetings from your Friends at Hu-Friedy! Hu-Friedy Gives you the Gift of Education
Our recent survey of over 2,000 dental hygienists revealed some interesting facts on the topic of life-long learning. Thank you for your participation. Your input will help us continue to provide relevant content to you on Friends. Read the Top 10 Topics of Interest and how you can earn continuing education credit from Hu-Friedy.
Did Hermey the Elf Inspire You to Be a Dental Do Gooder? Features “Rudolph” Inspired Education
The ADA is featuring Hermey the Elf, from the animated classic, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in an online campaign to help promote oral health literacy, stressing nutrition, dental hygiene and dental visits as key factors in preventing cavities.
Oral Heath America Welcomes New Members to Board of Directors
Oral Health America (OHA) has added five new members to its Board of Directors including Hu-Friedy's very own, Karen Neiner.
Dr.Bicuspid: Recipe Chat with Sheri Doniger DDS
With the holidays upon us read Dr. Sheri Doniger's solutions courtesy of Dr. Bicuspid. Learn how to shift your conversation this holiday season to build relationships within your practice.
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