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Check here often to get the latest news, both what your patients are hearing from the media and what's new in the dental community.

New: Titanium Implant Scalers
A new product from Hu-Friedy, enabling you to use your favorite instruments in a growing segment of patients

Hu-Friedy is proud to announce the launch of our newest instrument line designed to help clinicians achieve the best clinical outcomes for Implant maintenance: Titanium Implant Scalers. Now available!
Infection Prevention breaches in Ontario
What to be aware of in your own practice

If you have been paying attention to the news from Canada this summer, you may have heard that multiple offices in Ontario were closed due to lapses in their infection control protocols. The situation, while nerve-wracking, serves as an important reminder that infection control is paramount to patient (and clinician) safety, encouraging all clinicians – in Ontario and beyond – to review best practices.
Five time management secrets for the dental hygiene appointment
How to ensure that your appointments are productive and efficient

By Kristine Hodsdon-Berry, RDH, MSEC. Do you ever worry about how to fit everything you need to do into a thorough and complete appointment? Here, we discuss five time mastery secrets and practical actions you can take immediately to be more in control of your day, less stressed, and more productive.
Lighting your patient’s motivational fire!
Part II: Is motivational interviewing just a gimmick?

By Kristine Hodsdon-Berry, RDH, MSEC. Here, we build on the motivational competencies with the foundational theory of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and how it relates to oral care. We will begin to create a model for MI with, first, its history and background, and then by exploring the “spirit” or “essence” of MI, which you can start to immediately implement in your daily patient communications.
Friends turns ten!
A look back on a decade of community

This month, Friends of Hu-Friedy turns ten years old! What a milestone for the first online dental hygiene community, and what an experience it’s been! Looking back on our history together, from the earliest days to the present, we’ve done some incredible things. From sharing resources on furthering your career, to continuing education, to industry news, to celebrating each other’s successes, it’s been a fun ride.
Hu-Friedy announces Sharp Tank & Sharp Week
The return of a summertime favorite and a new contest

Hu-Friedy are very excited to announce the return of Sharp Week this summer along with the debut of an exciting new promotion, Sharp Tank.
Hu-Friedy set to welcome RDH’s to Chicago for Under One Roof 2017
Visit us at Under One Roof to see new products, a chance to win prizes, and to help two good causes at once

We are excited to welcome Dental Hygienists from across the nation to Under One Roof 2017, held in Chicago from Aug. 10-12. We have lots going on during this popular gathering, and we want our Friends to be among the first to know.
An Interview with Crystal Spring, RDH, BS, LAP
The ADHA Master Clinician Award recipient discusses the award and her work and goals for patient care

Crystal Spring, RDH, BS, LAP was presented with the ADHA Master Clinician Award at the ADHA CLL 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida. She took the time to discuss her path to becoming a dental hygienist as well as her mission to bring dental care to rural, Native Americans, and underserved communities.
An Interview with Beryl “Sue”Correia, RDH
The ADHA Esther Wilkins Future Leader Award recipient discusses the award, her path to dental hygiene, and her role within the hygiene community

Beryl “Sue” Correia was presented with the ADHA Esther Wilkins Future Leader Award at the ADHA CLL 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida. We spoke with her about her path to hygiene, her active role within the ADHA, Florida, the Special Olympics, and beyond.
Student ADHA members from across the nation compete in board review challenge
200 students participated in the Are You Smarter than Esther Wilkins? competition at ADHA CLL 2017

On June 15, 2017, 200 students gathered at the Prime F Osborne Convention Center in Jacksonville, Fla., to compete in the annual Are You Smarter than Esther Wilkins? board review challenge.
The separation of dentistry from medicine and its lingering consequences

Medicine and dentistry have long been separate affairs. This arrangement persists in spite of the fact that teeth are – indisputably – a part of the body. While organized dental hygiene has worked for years to bring the oral-systemic connection to light, this split in the two great elements of patient care remains deep enough to rival that cracked molar you saw last month. Considering what we know about the intimate connection between oral health and whole body health, one has to wonder: L"Was it always this way? And what is this doing to patients?"
Introducing the new Hu-Friedy Blog
Hu-Friedy’s CEO gives the surprising reasons why you shouldn’t read the new blog

Hu-Friedy CEO Ron Saslow explains, “If you are not interested in reading information that will help you perform at your best, or developing a better understanding of the trends that impact dentistry, or in asking questions about issues that you face every day in your practice, then you absolutely should not read the Hu-Friedy blog. For everyone else, you are in the right place.”
Extend the life of your Ultrasonic Inserts
Helpful tips for optimal ultrasonic insert life from Hu-Friedy

Your practice has invested in providing power scaling for the best possible patient care. And while ultrasonic inserts work hard to remove heavy calculus and stain, they can also be somewhat delicate – needing care and attention to regularly perform optimally. Following these usage tips can help you to protect and extend the life of your ultrasonic inserts.
Facing death while sitting down
The insidious danger facing every dental practitioner

You needn’t look too far to find an article discussing the dangers of sitting or the benefits of working while standing up; in particular, writers like to say that “sitting is the new smoking”. So what’s a dental practitioner – whose day on the job is mostly spent sitting – to do? Do you just take these health risks sitting down? Or do you take a stand?
Lighting your patient’s motivational fire!
Part I: The mysterious concept of motivation

Have you ever experienced the frustration of explaining a diagnosis to a patient and outlining the treatment plan, only to have them delay, put-off, or reject treatment? How can you motivate them to accept the treatment you know they need?
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