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Check here often to get the latest news, both what your patients are hearing from the media and what's new in the dental community.

Setting goals for 2016 – An interview with Kandra Sellers
It’s the start of a new year. Are you feeling compelled to make a new year’s resolution or two? We interviewed Kandra Sellers, RDH, BA, and she emphasized seven key points to get you on track to making your January dreams a reality.
What an RDH wants – A wishlist of items for the dental practice in 2016
Ring in the new year with a fun wish list of items for the ideal dental practice. We've spoken to some dental hygienists about what they would like to see in their practices; here's what they had on their wish lists.
Patient pointers – Signs your patients should be on the lookout for
As a dental hygienist, you are on the front lines of dental healthcare. Your role in educating patients cannot be undervalued. We provide some topics of discussion you can have with your patients (in layman’s terms) here, so you can both be proactive.
Dental Trivia – Fun facts about dentistry to break out at the next party
Do you know when the first toothbrush was made? What about the effects of cheese on dental health? When was dental forensics born? Find out the answer to all of these and more! Armed with these facts, we’re sure you’ll be the life of the party! (At least among us and our fellow dental nerds!)
No more tears | Periodontal maintenance curettes developed by Anna Pattison
Hu-Friedy has a long tradition of collaborating with leading dental professionals to develop products that help practitioners achieve optimal clinical results. Our latest product line consists of periodontal maintenance curettes, developed by accomplished hygienist Anna Pattison, RDH MS. Anna explains the inspiration behind these new curettes, drawing on experience from her very first days as an RDH, when she first saw the need for something different
Is drinking bottled water harmful to your teeth? The risk factors behind America's newest favorite drink
Bottled water continues its unprecedented climb to the top of bottled beverage consumption in America. While it is healthier for both teeth and body than alternatives such as colas, there are characteristics of bottled water that warrant consideration.
Careers in dental hygiene: Beyond chairside
While you are undoubtedly very familiar with the role of Dental Hygienist, did you know that there are other careers, outside the dental practice, where an RDH’s knowledge and skillset are highly valued? From the hospital to the front of the classroom, the career options are varied and interesting.
Ultrasonic Insights | Water Delivery Differences *
Ultrasonic Inserts have different variations when it comes to water delivery. However, what do these differences mean for clinicians and how they use the inserts? Is any one method of water delivery better than others?
Contemporary Periodontal Therapy | The role of hand scaling, power scaling, and air polishing
One objective of nonsurgical periodontal therapy involves the elimination of the plaque biofilm and harmful bacteria from a patient’s intraoral environment. This apathogenic state is then maintained through a combination of self-care and professional treatment—the latter including periodontal therapy with hand instruments, ultrasonics, and air polishing. Here, we discuss patient considerations for piezoelectric scalers and glycine-based air polishers in professional periodontal care.
Diabetes and the Dental Patient | The role of dental health providers in diabetes detection and care
Diabetes is the most common endocrine disorder, and it has profound effects on oral health and the treatment of periodontal diseases. Moreover, as a dental health professional, you may be among the first to discover your patient’s undiagnosed diabetes.
Oral Cancer Screening | Are you screening everyone you should?
The world of oral cancers has changed. One particular strain of HPV is the fastest growing segment of the oropharyngeal population, impacting a new demographic of non-smokers. Moreover, HPV strains are incredibly prevalent; in fact, the CDC estimates that as many as 80% of Americans will be infected by an HPV strain in their lifetime.
Ultrasonic Insights | Right and left ultrasonic inserts *
Are left and right ultrasonic inserts absent from your procedural set-ups because of uncertainty regarding how to correctly adapt the working ends to tooth surfaces? These ultrasonic inserts have many advantages, including: adapting well to complex anatomic features of posterior teeth such as furcations, tight interproximal areas, root concavities, and narrow embrasure spaces.
Product Spotlight | Cassettes Support Instrument Cleaning Standards and Enhance Office Efficiency
It is critical for today’s practices to adhere to the evolving standards and protocols of infection prevention, and the new Instrument Management System (IMS) Infinity Series cassettes are designed to help them do just that. The cassettes were developed not only to support instrument processing guidelines but to boost practice efficiency, while protecting patients, staff and instrument investments.
Clear Collection instruments for clear aligner treatments | Dr. S. Jay Bowman
As clear aligner treatments have evolved and been progressively refined in the past 15 years, more advanced applications and increasingly complex malocclusions have been addressed. In addition, there has been more interest in tackling some of the specific limitations of moving teeth with plastic. Obviously, the progress of orthodontic treatment with traditional wires and braces has been advanced throughout the past century, but the techniques associated with a sequence of aligners are relatively recent phenomena.
October is National Dental Hygiene Month | #SHOWUSYOURPURPLE
Did you know October is National Dental Hygiene Month? To show our appreciation to you - the Dental Hygienists- we’ve created #ShowUsYourPurple Day. On Wednesday, October 21, make sure to wear purple and post on social media with the hashtag #ShowUsYourPurple and your office could win a Baby Nevi doll!
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