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Check here often to get the latest news, both what your patients are hearing from the media and what's new in the dental community.

Recycle with Environdent at CDA South!
Recycle 12 instruments, get a free EverEdge 2.0 at CDA

Bring 12 old, broken, or retipped instruments of any brand to Hu-Friedy's booth at CDA South (Booth № 1304), and you will instantly receive 1 free Hu-Friedy EverEdge 2.0 instrument!
New: Colorvue® Biotype Probes
A new product to help you customize patient treatment

Biotype periodontal therapy continues to gain traction as a means of increasing patient comfort while providing more effective therapies. Our new biotype probes provide a quick, easy, and visual means of assessing a patient’s biotype.
My experience with EverEdge 2.0
Tami Wanless, RDH, MEd, reviews the second generation of EverEdge scalers

Tami Wanless, a dental hygiene expert and self-proclaimed “sharpening snob”, has been using EverEdge 2.0, and she wrote to tell us how wowed she’s been by its lasting sharpness. She’s impressed by its real-life results, too, finding it especially useful for patients with high levels of calculus or those who had burnished buildup. Moreover, the EverEdge 2.0 has saved her time, too!
April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month
The Oral Cancer Foundation leads outreach effors in April and beyond

April may be Oral Cancer Awareness Month, but the Oral Cancer Foundation works year-round to educate the public about this silent killer. Read about the rapidly growing and changing oral cancer population, and how you can get involved in outreach and service efforts.
Hu-Friedy self-study e-books on implantology now available for CE credit
Did you know that Hu-Friedy recently debuted a three-part e-book series on implantology? Did you know that you can earn CE credit for reading them? Did you know the e-books and the credits are free?
Fluoride – Tiny element, massive impact
Part II: The controversy flows

Public water fluoridation remains controversial; while many see it as beneficial, others question its legitimacy and its use. As a dental hygienist, you should be armed with educated, informative, and respectful answers to your patients’ questions on the topic. Additionally, we review two examples of American communities who decided against fluoridation and their reasons why.
Join us at the Illinois OCF Walk/Run on May 22, 2016 • Bensenville, Ill. *
If you are in the Chicagoland area, join Hu-Friedy at the Oral Cancer Foundation 5k Walk/Run for Oral Cancer Awareness.
• Date: Sunday, May 22, 206
• Location: Bensenville, Illinois
Not in Chicago? Visit to find an OCF run in your area.
Join our team at the 2016 ADHA CLL 5k Fun Run!
Join our team, "Friends of Hu-Friedy in Motion", at the 2016 ADHA CLL 5k Fun Run in Pittsburgh!
Newsflash: CDC Guidelines Summary Released
Learn how the new tools will enhance your infection prevention compliance

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) recently released new tools aimed at improving the understanding and implementation by practices of the 2003 CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in the Dental Health-Care Settings.
Fluoride – Tiny element, massive impact.
Part I: What is it? How is it used?

Few things are both as ubiquitous and controversial as fluoride. The element, which is an essential anti-caries agent, is present in many consumer goods. In this first installment of an ongoing Friends of Hu-Friedy series on fluoride and the debate surrounding it, we investigate the history of this uniquely beneficial and controversial element.
DANB & the DALE Foundation –
Celebrating and evaluating dental assistants

The Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB) and the DALE Foundation, the official DANB affiliate, recognize the valuable role dental assistants play in the practice. DANB is the national certification board for dental assistants, and the DALE Foundation supports DANB’s work by providing quality continuing education and conducting research. DANB and the DALE Foundation help elevate the dental assisting profession, the dental team, and the oral health field.
Goals check-up with Kandra Sellers, RDH
How is your New Year’s commitment going?

Kandra Sellers, RDH, BA, provides a follow-up to the advice on goals and visions for success she provided in January. In addition to going over strategy and tracking progress, she provides some encouragement and realistic pointers to keep you going.
Maine Dental Hygienists Association celebrates 90 years
This year, the Maine Dental Hygienists Association celebrates its ninetieth anniversary. MDHA’s current president, Mary-Lynne Murray Ryder, provides insight into the progress the association has achieved and the struggles faced by RDH’s and DH organizations everywhere – and she does so with a little surprise help from a letter drafted by the MDHA’s first president nearly 90 years ago.
New! Hu-Friedy Cleaning Monitors
An important step in any Instrument Management and Disinfection/Sterilization process is a proper and thorough cleaning of instruments. If the instruments are not properly cleaned, they will never be properly sterilized!
Tips and tricks for pediatric patients
Children can bring a smile to anyone’s face – until that moment that they don’t. Do you know how to effectively work with children so that they are at ease and cooperative in the operatory? Do you know how to keep a child smiling in the dental chair? What about the at-home tips you should give parents to ensure that their children’s little smiles grow into big, healthy ones?
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