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Hu-Friedy KOL Joyce Turcotte Named Mentor of the Year by Philips Sonicare and RDH Magazine
Congratulations to Hu-Friedy Key Opinion Leader Joyce Turcotte for being named Mentor of the Year by Philips Sonicare & RDH Magazine. We asked her how important having (and being!) a mentor is in the dental industry.
Toolkit: Working Together to Manage Diabetes
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released an updated version of Working Together to Manage Diabetes: A Toolkit for Pharmacy, Podiatry, Optometry, and Dentistry (PPOD).
American Dental Hygienists’ Association Supports Increased Access to Care, Use of Dental Hygienists and Mid-level Providers to Help Deliver Dental Services
On June 30, 2014, The Pew Charitable Trusts released a report that included examples of mid-level dental providers in Minnesota and Alaska performing routine preventive and restorative care to underserved populations, and the benefits those services could have nationwide to those requiring oral health care. Currently, 37 states allow the public to directly access the oral health care services of a dental hygienist in at least one practice setting.
ADHA 2014 Highlights
Thank you to those who joined us at ADHA's 91st annual meeting in Las Vegas! We hope you returned home inspired and ready to perform at your best!
Bad Teeth? Blame Your Genes *
Scientists say the health of your teeth depends on a combination of genetics and dental hygiene. We all know that person who never brushes, eats tons of candy and rarely (if ever) has a cavity. Then there are those of us who floss regularly, yet still end up breathing in the laughing gas once or twice a year.
Top 13 Reasons to Have an Instrument Management System in Your Office *
1. Has anyone told you time = money? We understand. Our Instrument Management System saves you 5-10 minutes per procedure by virtually eliminating time consuming and dangerous steps such as: hand scrubbing, tray disinfection, instrument sorting and searching, and tray preparation.
Happy Hygienist Project | Brought to you by Hu-Friedy and Modern Hygienist
How important is a good relationship with your coworkers? With your doctor? How important is it to work with the best instruments? We ask all these questions in more to find out how happy hygienists are around the country!
Dental Hygiene Profession Sees 'Moment of Opportunity' to Improve Access to Oral Health Care *
With opportunities to take increased responsibility for oral health care and to deliver care in a more comprehensive way, it's an exciting time in the profession of dental hygiene. To help prepare to meet these challenges, the Annual Report on Dental Hygiene has been published, a collection of cutting-edge research and practice updates in the field of dental hygiene.
How to Get Rid of the "Slacker" in Your Dental Practice *
You come to work five days a week and work VERY hard. You consider yourself a true professional. But unfortunately, there is one thorn in your side. No matter what you do, this thorn gets under your skin. It frustrates you beyond belief, and you find your blood pressure catapulting until you feel like you’ll blow a gasket....
Few Children Receive Dental Care Before Recommended Age of 1 Year *
Not Just For the Heart, Red Wine Shows Promise as Cavity Fighter *
For anyone searching for another reason to enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner, here's a good one: A new study has found that red wine, as well as grape seed extract, could potentially help prevent cavities.
OSAP's Role in the Dental Office
OSAP plays a key role in risk management, patient safety and infection control education for its members in a variety of dental practice settings
Rethink Your Drink *
Just because you aren't chewing doesn't mean you aren't consuming calories. Often people leave out calories from drinks in their daily intake. Luckily, there are healthy options out there for you to make the switch!
"Just Let It Flow" *
Let it flow... Just let it flow. One of the most common areas in a dental office to address during once of our mock audits is the central sterilization area. According to the CDC, we designate a central processing area for 1) receiving, cleaning, and decontamination; 2) preparation and packaging; 3) sterilization; and 4) storage.
The Top 10 Infection Prevention Protocols Every Dental Hygienist Needs to Follow *
We line up the top 10 ways to make sure you're doing everything right in the office to sterilize properly, prevent infections and stay informed on the latest news and trends in infection prevention.
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