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Winter illness and dental health
Best practices for the dental health practitioner and patient

As a dental healthcare professional, you are a source of dental care and information; you are also a possible vector for respiratory infection, especially during the cold and flu season. Fortunately, there are many ways you can help prevent the spread of respiratory illness as well as instruct your patients how they can protect themselves and others this season. And if you or one of your patients should catch cold or flu, there are steps to protect oral health while recuperating.
Dr. Esther Wilkins, a dental hygiene icon, passes away
From Dentistry IQ *

Dr Esther Wilkins, the founder of modern dental hygiene theory and the writer of the authoritative text, Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist, passed away on December 12, 2016 – just three days after her 100th birthday.
Fond memories of Dr Esther Wilkins
Memories of the dental hygiene icon from friends, students, and admirers around the world

Earlier this autumn, we at Hu-Friedy collected birthday wishes and memories for Esther Wilkins in celebration of her 100th birthday. With the sad news of Esther’s passing – just three days after her milestone day – we find these sentiments to be as important (and as touching) as ever before. We thought that we might share some of the 500+ messages we received from across the world, here.
Hu-Friedy and ADHA honor winter dental hygiene graduates

Hu-Friedy and the ADHA continue their tradition of honoring dental hygiene graduates starting their careers with a co-branded Grad Scaler gift.
Hand hygiene and dry skin
The itch with life-threatening consequences

The holidays are nearly here, but for most of us, the cold and dry weather have already arrived. Winter also brings an increase in contagious diseases (particularly respiratory illness) and – for many of us – is a harbinger for dry, cracked skin and dermatitis. Many may not realize the connection these share and that dry skin is not just a nuisance to healthcare providers, but also a threat to their patients.
Educate yourself on air polishing & biofilm removal
On-demand webinar options to learn about air polishing therapy

Knowing that education is important to you as a dental professional, Hu-Friedy has an array of webinars – with CE credit – available for you to view on-demand, on your schedule. As the understanding of the importance of biofilm management continues to grow within the dental industry, you need to be on top of the trends in order to provide this highest level of care to your patients. Which is why we have a few webinars on the topic of biofilm management using air polishing technology that we encourage you to check out!
Learn how to "Power off Biofilm" with Nancy Miller at GNY 2016!
An opportunity to learn about biofilm removal techniques from a key opinion leader

Attending the Greater New York Dental Meeting this month? Interested in new technologies that can make you more efficient? Join Hu-Friedy Key Opinion Leader Nancy Miller, RDH, BA for “Power off Biofilm” on Wednesday, November 30, 2016, for 2 CE credits
Charitable dental clinics
Examples of dental professionals working to provide smiles to those in need

Unfortunately, dental care is prohibitively expensive and out-of-reach for many throughout the United States, where fewer than 62% of adults were able to see a dentist in 2014. While access to dental care remains a systemic issue throughout the country, there are clinics and programs in place to help improve these numbers. Here, we explore and highlight just some of the many clinics that provide an invaluable service to those who need it most. We encourage you to research other clinics in your area and to find out how you might be of help to these invaluable organizations.
Veterans’ Access to Dental Care
On Nov. 11, we remember veterans. But do we remember their teeth?

As Veterans’ Day nears, many of us reflect on the veterans in our lives and the sacrifices they have made. Some of us may recall the controversy surrounding wait times for medical care at Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities in recent years, too. However, many may be unaware of the lack of dental care available to America’s heroes.
Dental Hygienists wear purple with pride
Oct. 19th was Show Us Your Purple Day, and RDH's showed off!

We’ve collected just a few of our favorite photos from the 4th annual Show Your Purple Day.
Give Kids a Smile 2017 registration is open!
Sign up your GKAS program by Nov 7, 2016! *

The ADA Foundation’s Give Kids a Smile program, celebrating its 15th year in 2017, helps over 40,000 dental professionals provide dental care to underserved children. (5 million kids have benefitted since the program’s inception!) Apply to be a part of the program by Nov 7th, 2017, and you could benefit from donated supplies to help you Give a kid a smile.
Wearing purple proves popular for Dental Hygiene Month
Dental Hygienists snatch up Hu-Friedy #RDHStrong Shirts in less than two days

In an effort to help Registered Dental Hygienists show their pride and their purple during Dental Hygiene Month, Hu-Friedy created limited run tee-shirts with the words #RDHStrong. In an overwhelming response, all of the shirts were claimed in less than two days.
Dr Esther Wilkins prepares to mark a milestone
Send your birthday greetings to Esther as she turns 100!

This December, everyone’s favorite dental hygienist, Esther Wilkins, will turn 100 years old. Join us in sending her wishes for a very happy birthday!
Tooth Sensitivity
Answers for your patients’ burning questions

About 25% of the adult population (according to the best estimates) has suffered tooth sensitivity in one or more teeth during their life. What causes this painful, but common, symptom? What can you tell your patients about it, and is it preventable?
Melissa McCard & Sarah Newberry win Esther Wilkins Scholarship
Get know the 2016 winners of this sought-after scholarship

The ADHA have named the two recipients of this year’s Esther Wilkins Scholarship. We asked the winners a few questions about themselves and their thoughts on dental hygiene.
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