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Contemporary Periodontal Therapy | The role of hand scaling, power scaling, and air polishing
One objective of nonsurgical periodontal therapy involves the elimination of the plaque biofilm and harmful bacteria from a patient’s intraoral environment. This apathogenic state is then maintained through a combination of self-care and professional treatment—the latter including periodontal therapy with hand instruments, ultrasonics, and air polishing. Here, we discuss patient considerations for piezoelectric scalers and glycine-based air polishers in professional periodontal care.
Diabetes and the Dental Patient | The role of dental health providers in diabetes detection and care
Diabetes is the most common endocrine disorder, and it has profound effects on oral health and the treatment of periodontal diseases. Moreover, as a dental health professional, you may be among the first to discover your patient’s undiagnosed diabetes.
Oral Cancer Screening | Are you screening everyone you should?
The world of oral cancers has changed. One particular strain of HPV is the fastest growing segment of the oropharyngeal population, impacting a new demographic of non-smokers. Moreover, HPV strains are incredibly prevalent; in fact, the CDC estimates that as many as 80% of Americans will be infected by an HPV strain in their lifetime.
Ultrasonic Insights | Right and left ultrasonic inserts *
Are left and right ultrasonic inserts absent from your procedural set-ups because of uncertainty regarding how to correctly adapt the working ends to tooth surfaces? These ultrasonic inserts have many advantages, including: adapting well to complex anatomic features of posterior teeth such as furcations, tight interproximal areas, root concavities, and narrow embrasure spaces.
Product Spotlight | Cassettes Support Instrument Cleaning Standards and Enhance Office Efficiency
It is critical for today’s practices to adhere to the evolving standards and protocols of infection prevention, and the new Instrument Management System (IMS) Infinity Series cassettes are designed to help them do just that. The cassettes were developed not only to support instrument processing guidelines but to boost practice efficiency, while protecting patients, staff and instrument investments.
Clear Collection instruments for clear aligner treatments | Dr. S. Jay Bowman
As clear aligner treatments have evolved and been progressively refined in the past 15 years, more advanced applications and increasingly complex malocclusions have been addressed. In addition, there has been more interest in tackling some of the specific limitations of moving teeth with plastic. Obviously, the progress of orthodontic treatment with traditional wires and braces has been advanced throughout the past century, but the techniques associated with a sequence of aligners are relatively recent phenomena.
October is National Dental Hygiene Month | #SHOWUSYOURPURPLE
Did you know October is National Dental Hygiene Month? To show our appreciation to you - the Dental Hygienists- we’ve created #ShowUsYourPurple Day. On Wednesday, October 21, make sure to wear purple and post on social media with the hashtag #ShowUsYourPurple and your office could win a Baby Nevi doll!
Your Sharpening Questions, Answered! | Frequency Edition
We asked you to share your toughest sharpening questions, and now we have some of the answers. In this fourth edition, sharpening expert, Tami Wanless, RDH, MEd answers your questions related to how frequently you should sharpen your instruments and considerations for sharpening chairside!
It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month | Take our online course, Breast Cancer and the Dental Hygienist:What you need to know *
Breast cancer can affect Dental Hygienists and their patients as much as anyone else. Our 2 hour online CE course will provide an in-depth understanding of the procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. This course will also help the dental professional recognize the associated oral health implications and dental treatment considerations for patients battling cancers of the breast. Importantly, this program provides a valuable patient perspective of dental treatment while fighting breast cancer. Complete by October 31st and earn 35 Hu-Points!
Magical minutes gained with air polishing. What's the return on investment?
In this article Karen Davis, RDH, BSDH discusses dental hygienists’ common habit of monitoring the clock. She answers the question, how can we increase efficiency without sacrificing clinical effectiveness? Davis explains how biofilm management with air polishing devices and low-abrasive powder has been shown to be significantly more efficient and more comfortable than biofilm removal with hand and ultrasonic instruments.
Hand Washing Day is October 15th | Take our OnDemand Webinar *
This On Demand webinar introduces you to the three elements of hand hygiene including hand washing, hand antisepsis and skin care, in accordance with the CDC Guidelines.
Ultrasonic Insights | How Tip Geometry Impacts Performance *
This special edition of Ultrasonic Insights features Tip Shape Q&A with Hu-Friedy Key Opinion Leader and Ultrasonics Expert, Nancy Miller. Nancy is a practicing clinician in General practice and a clinical technical advisor for Hu-Friedy Manufacturing and other companies.
Did You Know? It's Dental Infection Control Awareness Month *
Ultrasonic Insights | 25K and 30K Ultrasonic Inserts *
This month’s Ultrasonic Insights looks at the notable differences between 25 kHz and 30 kHz ultrasonic inserts, learn how to differentiate between the two and see how the difference affects your clinical practice.
Your Sharpening Questions, Answered! | Sharpening Device Edition
We asked you your toughest sharpening questions, and now we have some of the answers. In this third edition, sharpening expert, Tami Wanless, RDH, MEd answers your questions related to sharpening devices & how to properly use Hu-Friedy’s Sidekick to maintain your instruments blade.
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